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    I did the same thing with those same type of companies. I got the same results. It seemed to me they would need more people due to the increasing demand for WLANs?

    Regardless, I was blessed with this job and am thankful to Planet3 for their vision. I thank the people at the company for picking me up and letting me grow.

    You will be in DEMAND mark my word, you advertised your availability and willingness. That is key!

    Double Cheers!!!

  • Hi

    It's quite interesting to read your comments about how to get job in WLAN industry. And it is quite obvious that the importance of WLAN is much more than to give up searching for job in that field.

    I hope someday Toronto city will soon buzz with more hotspots, WLAN implementations, building to building wireless connectivity, and so on.... and hopefully guys like me here, with CCNA, CWNA, CWSP (pursuing now), will have a good chance to shine in this field.

    Thanks for all encouraging words!


  • As Criss had mentioned wireless is growing and it is all about positioning yourself for the future.

    Thats it in a nutshell!

  • Just figured I would add my 2 cents.

    I live in a county with very few to zero new tech jobs. I just graduated college 2 years ago. I submitted my resume to a college for a position as a wireless administrator. I have an on-site interview next week for the position. My certifications were brought up durring the phone interview.

    I live in a county with plenty of people who have been in the business longer than I have. I was told they had phone interviewed others for the position as well.

    I know for sure that without the CWNA and CWSP certs they would have thrown my resume to the wayside.

    Thanks Planet3 for helping me get a foot in the door of an extremely competative market.

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    I am a CCNP and CCDP, and have been for many years. I passed the CWNA last year and the CWSP this year, simply because I am passionate about my work. I was in the Navy a long time ago where I learned about RF and have been fascinated ever since.

    When I passed the exam (that I did entirely on my own) and my employer didn't even recognize it. I'm the Wireless Network Engineer at a university with over 25,000 students.

    I do know how you feel. I was expecting a "congratulations" or something. Maybe a "good job", but it didn't happen.

    So I have thrown my resume out on Careerbuilder and Monster, and have only come up with contractor positions around the beltway of DC. Not something I'm interested in.

    So, I know how you feel. I may start studying for the CWNE in my "spare time" and see if that gets me anywhere.....

    "I have the CWNA, CWSP as well as cisco certs and experience. Several months ago I posted my resume on etc... and did not get one response for wireless networking. Just cisco networking types of positions. I have not given up on working within th e wireless field though. In a couple of weeks I am schedualed to take the CWAP exam. I am hoping that is the ticket for admission into a wireless networking position. Wireless is new and exciting.[/quote]"

  • What equipment do you use? Sounds like you have a large network. Sometimes it helps to shine a light on what you do and the importance of it. As everyone knows the job market is tough so if you like where you are it might be in your interest to invest sometime in self promotion. You might have to get creative on how to get the spot light pointed in your direction. Like you might try to publish an article on something about your network and highlight its benifits to your users.


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    We're a cisco shop - two WiSM farms with four blades each, 1000+ access points divided amongst 77 buildings. We have location appliances, 1232s, 1242s, 1252 & 1142s.

    Cisco and AirMagnet wanted to write a story on us and our general counsel said it is not allowed. Bummer, huh?

    I've started posting my resume in a few places - surely I'll stumble across someplace looking for a CWSP/CCNP.

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