• If I use Windows XP 802.1x to access my wireless network, it caches the credentials. Is there anyway to change this so each time a user wants to connect to my secure network that they must type in their username and password?
    I guess I could just be paranoid, but it seems like a security risk to me.


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    My advice....

    Do not use the Windows XP wireless client utilty (Wireless Zero Configuration Service) for 802.1x or any other wireless authenication...

    It is full of security holes.

  • Hey thanks for the response, and I'd agree. My problem lies in forcing every wireless user to go to the help desk to have a wireless client installed. I was trying to find an easier way a user could have the security of 802.1x

    Right now its either guest access with no security, or come get client installed. Is there no middle ground?

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    You need an 802.1x supplicant no matter what. My advice is to use third party software like Odyssey client from Funk Software:

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