• I had registered/paid for the V1 CWSP PW0-200 exam prior to the Dec 31, 2005 deadline.

    I also made a point of contacting Prometric to confirm that the V1 exam would be the one I was sitting for.

    I showed up at the exam center this morning and within a few questions it became "painfully" obvious that I was writing the "new" CWSP exam.

    Thinking I had a valid complaint no matter what the result was, I forged ahead and completed the exam.

    No one was more surprised than myself when after submitting my last answer, the "Congratulations" screen popped up on the monitor.

    You guessed it, 70% right on the nose....

    As you can imagine, I have mixed feelings on this experience. I feel that the score certainly doesn't reflect the amount of time I took to prepare for the V1 exam, but on the other hand my knowledge of the basic security solutions/policies was enough to get me through a "stressfull" situation to say the least.

    I would appreciate it if CWNP would chime in and direct me to who would responsible for the screwup on this exam. Or , should I even be complaining ;)

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    First, congratulations on passing the NEW PW0-200 exam. Quite a feat, considering you prepped for the old version.

    "I had registered/paid for the V1 CWSP PW0-200 exam prior to the Dec 31, 2005 deadline."

    It doesn't matter when you *registered* for PW0-200. Rather, it mattered when you *took* the exam, which was after the publication of the new version on January 2.

    If someone at Prometric told you that you'd be seeing the old version today, then that person was mistaken.

    Again, congratulations, you are CWSP!

  • Thanks, Kevinator, thats makes sense. I probably didn't realize this when booking the exam as I could have just as easily booked it on Jan 01.

    I should have known something was up early this morning when I decided to go over the online practise tests one more time. They must have been updated over the past day or so to the new versions.
    I decided to go through both practise tests and then meet my fate. Probably saved my bacon as I recall one question on the practise exam looked awfully familiar on the real exam

    For those interested....

    Although some would say "sure, easy for you to say now that you passed it"...

    An excellent exam, obviously in my case it was easy enough for me to understand exactly what was being asked.

    I don't recall any "trick" questions. You certainly have to know your stuff. CWNP also corrected a few discrepancies with some of the material on the old study guide. The new practise tests were right on the money.

    Great work on CWNP's part and I can't wait to get a hold of the latest CWSP study guide. I can't help but feel a little guilty. ;)

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    Unless you're trying to become an instructor, all that really matters is that you passed!



  • Very nice work indeed. Very impressive to prepare for the old and still pass the new. The v2 test is much more challenging than the v1. Thanks for the feedback on the exam!


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    Great work buddy, Congrats and I guess you are the first CWSP V2.

    Shows how sincerely u had prepared.

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