• So what is your favorite wireless sniffer and why?
    Which do you think is the best?

    I personally use Airmagnet and like it another tech is using Airopeek

  • That is an easy one for me.

    Omnipeek baby!

    Omnipeek Personal is now FREE and it is almost identical to Airopeek. Not to dis AirMagnet, but I like Airopeek better than AirMagnet even before it was free.

    You can download Omnipeek from Just look for Omnipeek Personal.

    I like the Omnipeek interface quite a bit better. I feel that it is easier to decode packets. AirMagnet has some added features that is for sure. However, it tries to do a lot of things and doesn't always do all of them well. IMHO.

  • You would recommend this for enterprise level?

    besides a PRO being 'free'
    what about pors and cons of other products...

    please all chime in...!

  • Airmagnet for us. Does what we need and works great!

    Also a link to OmniPeek Personal is here:

  • We use OmniPeek Workgroup Pro here. I have used Airopeek since version 2 before that.

    As an FYI....
    The free version of Omnipeek cannot be used in a professional envirionment. Personal use only to avoid license violations.

  • I Completely agree with GTHill.

    OmniPeek is better than Airmagnet for capturing/streamin to file (AM only lets you save after capture finished), filtering (you can have multiple in effect simultaneously on different streams to files on HD), UI. I think Airmagnet UI looks absolutely amateur and OmniPeek very professional. AM seems to have just about no keyboard short-cuts, OP has many.

    OP seems very deficient on WLAN intrusion detection which is where AM is much better.

    I like AMs little GUI for installing their driver. OP makes you stuff around with Windows driver update which takes 234,234,435,345 (approx.) more clicks than AM.

    AM supports Centrino, OM does not (but you wouldn't do serious capturing with Centrino since it doesn't supply noise values).

    Regards, MH

  • Definately OmniPeek.

    It has the highest learning curve, but more functionality and flexibilty than anything else out there that I've seen.

  • Collins means, "most gradual" learning curve. I agree with him, though. Omnipeek is the best. I do find that in some ways AirMagnet ends up being more efficient for quick analysis, however.

  • Oh no, not the learning curve thing. :)

  • LOL on your sig GT. You could have just taken the GED and saved all that time!

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