• This exam uses screenshots from specfic apps stnadard in the feild for USA. I am in a developing country and we don't have easy access to alot of applications for cost reasons. Even evals may be hard to come by in some cases.

    Not that I am belly aching but can you guys give me an idea of the range of software applications I need to have a handle on for this exam so that I can focus on getting some experience with those?

    BTW: If this goes against the NDA I totally understand. I am not a cheater by any description but if I have to learn an application for an exam I would like to know which application that would be.


  • Please give an example!! The use of ACS / Radius servers / etc....

    Free Radius ...
    CommView for wifi free 30days
    It's not the "use" of software.. Just need to learn what is the communication between the two are / and why.

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for your questions. Familiarity with a particular software application in completely unnecessary for this exam. If a screenshot is given, all pertinent information will be shown in the screenshot.



  • That's a relief - Thanks for the reply

  • I'm glad you asked this question. This was an area we had to face as authors of a study guide for a vendor neutral exam. Obviously the exam can't focus on a specific tool from a specific vendor and remain vendor neutral. There are times, in the official study guide, that we reference commercial tools, but we also did our best to include examples of free tools that perform the same or similar functions.

    Hopefully this will help you out in your situations too.

    Blessing with your exam.

    Tom Carpenter

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