• Hi
    As a part of my preparing plan for CWSP I planned to Wardrive arround my city and gather general or specific information about Wireless hardware and security level used by people here so I need to choose a good kit and I found these choices

    1. Orinoco USB-powered WarDriving & Piggybacking Cantenna

    2. USB Powered Proxim Orinoco Gold with Wardriving Yagi Antenna

    3.Ultimate WarDriving 14dB Yagi & Orinoco Gold Card

    4. Maximum Range +1 mi USB 54G WiFi Extension WarDriving

    would mind suggesting ne of these.

    and any advice about this project will be appriciated

  • Ali.

    The Orinoco Gold Classic card is great. I have one, but it only works on 802.11b. It will NOT see anything that is 802.11g so understand the limitation.

    Also the cantenna antennas work great, but are kind of hard to use in the car. I'd suggest a magnetic mount antenna that is omni directional. Yes they have less gain than a cantenna, but if you are war driving, you are in the mode of finding AP's. The beam antenna comes later on.

    Finally, think about getting an 802.11a/b/g card that has external antenna connectors. Right now, I can't remember the name of one, but I'll bet somebody else will reply and let you know.

    Don't fall for the marketing hype on eBay.


  • Here is a much better option.

    Here is a dual band card with external antenna connectors for both bands.

  • Gene have you tried the Ubiquiti SRC card? I have been meaning to but have been somewhat hesitant as I have not gotten any feed back about it.

    I also agree with your choice of the Senao card as the best adapter for war driving.

    I also agree with Wk4u's assessment about antennas. My only thought is that I use the omni-directional and then get granular with a panel antenna. They are easier to work with and a great deal less conspicuous.

  • I haven't tried that card yet, but from what I hear it is good. I think a few of my students have purchased it.

    For casual wardriving an omni antenna is a great choice. I think the original poster was just looking to do a bit of casual wardriving, however it is really fun to see how far away you can pick up a signal with a directional antenna.

    Got to get back to class!

  • Thank you very much for your help friends
    I am about to choose (UBIQUITI SRC 300mW Cardbus with Clip on Laptop Antenna)

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