• Ranga,

    My contemporaries will disagree with me some, but I think the most important thing for the CWNA is to have a minimum of several SOHO AP's, and client devices from different manufacturers - with hopefully one enterprize (Cisco?) AP. Many will insist on ALL enterprize equipment, but that's making a big assumption on $ resources. Try to stay away from older WEP only equipment. If you can, get the AP's with removable antennas, so that you can experiment around with those too.

    The main thing, again IMHO, is to experience all the different parameters - seeing them, setting them up, playing around with them and seeing what works and what doesn't. Play around with all the advanced settings available too. You will see some pairs of hardware/settings work and others that won't. Keep a record of what you try, and make some sense of it all. This will really help in the exam - for several types of questions.

    Again, the thing to remember is to STUDY TO THE OBJECTIVES - not just the book and not just the practice questions.

    In retrospect, now that 802.11n is out (with related exam questions), I would recommend at least 1 "n" AP and hopefully 1 'n' client device to add to the mix.

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