• Great Job!!

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    [quote]studying according to the exam objectives got me looking for the right information. CWAP here I come![/quote]

    Amen belongs here! Congratulations!

  • Hello,
    Can anyone help with the CWSP materials and test dumps for practice?you can reach me on
    Thanks for your understanding as i look forward to it.

  • Blasphemy.

    Test "dumps" will get you kicked out of the program.

    You should know that all such programs are considered CHEATING !

  • Passed the CWDP. This completes the set, CWNA, CWAP, CWSP and CWDP.

    Study methods for CWDP followed the study methods described at the top of this thread.

    As commented by many the Examp Objectives are a key checkpoint.

    As I work primarily with one vendors solution set, the biggest gap remains other vendors stuff - the range of methods/solutions in the marketplace. My post-exam, post-pass study will expand my focus on other vendors stuff.

    My study notes (referenced in the first post) have become a reference document used nearly daily in projects. The value of the study is both applying the knowledge in projects and the certifications.

    Awesome set of study guides and exams. Encouraged me to get out of my vendor silo and and cover the breadth of the technology and industry. Very cool study/exam experience.

  • BrianW - well done sir! Will you be CWNE #91? Congratulations! We'll be looking for that CWNE app soon!

  • Some excellent tips on studying for the certs here - thanks guys, and congrats to those who have posted to say they've passed.
    Apologies if this has been discussed before, but is there a 'trend' to which certification people go for once CWNA qualified? I'm trying to decide between the CWSP and CWAP (leaning towards the CWSP at the moment). Or is it more a case of seeing which certification applies more directly to what you do (and consequently what you may know more about) and going for that first?
    Appreciate your comments.

  • To quote another, "the packets don't lie." So, if you have the tools (pacekt capture and WLAN) to prepare for the CWAP this is perhaps the consensus. All the theory become real in a trace. The CWAP is a truth based foundation. You can verify every concept is a simple lab with "afforable" tools.

    On the other hand, a forum with a consensus might be an oxymoron. And authentication is a common source of missed expecations and complexity. So, there is an argument towards CWSP.

    I have a bias. A clear connection to work, a clear connection to your current projects helps to motivate the study.

    So, perhaps the tie-breaker is not the consensus of the forum but instead is the issues you can see in near-term projects. Do you have an installed network to understand and troubleshoot? Or are you planning for authenticaiton and other security issues in a near-term future project?

  • I too am at the crossroads after completing my CWNA. I have all the books. I am going to go via the CWAP->SP-DP route as recommended by most on this forum. However, I need to fit in a Cisco Lab too!

  • I've shared my opinion on this many times, and I generally agree with what BrianW has posted above. If your job shoves you in a direction, go that way. If you have the freedom to choose which direction to go, my advice is CWAP. After learning and earning that, security and design will be ever so much clearer to you.

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