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    Suppose two BSSs have been connected through a DS to form a ESS.
    Suppose STA1 is in BSS1 and STA2 is in BSS2. Also, suppose FTP application at STA1 wants to send a packet to STA2.

    Config: STA1-->AP-BSS1-----DS----AP-BSS2<STA2> 802.11 MAC at STA1 --> 802.11 MAC at AP-BSS1 --> (through DS unspecified by spec) --> 802.11 AP-BSS2 --> 802.11 STA2 --> LLC STA2 --> IP STA2. Is this correct?

    3) In particular, since LLC is used only for multplexing/demultiplexing here, the packet reaches the LLC layer only at STA2 (destination). Is this correct?

    4) Finally, the way the 802.11 MAC layers at AP-BSS1 and AP-BSS2 know how to forward packets is because STA1, AP-BSS1, AP-BSS2 place the right combination of addresses in the address1 fields - address 2 field - address 3 field and adrress 4 field, and in the from DS & to DS fields. Is this correct?

    5) If STA2 belongs to a different ESS or has to be accessed through a portal, then the IP address at STA1 for next hop will be the IP address of gateway router. Is this correct?

    Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Arvind - Ph.D. student preparing job interviews (which never seem to come)!!

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