• Hi,
    Once again i admire your prompt and structured response.
    Each time i read your post, my knowledge on standards enhances.

    So you agree that there will be a compatibility problem when there are some long only STA and some (long and short) STA under a BSS which allows (long and short STA's)[As desrcibed in my previous post] if we allow association for long only STA with Clause 15 Rates.

    So when two stations one long only and other short (long and short)
    try to transmit simultaneously there will be some retransmissions due to collisions under the above circumstances.

    You have imagined three alternatives

    We have implemented the third and all others (Cisco and D-Link) have implemented second option.When a long only station connects we change the short preamble to 0 and inform all the stations to use long preamble which is not the case with other vendors.

    We have implemented the third for the above stated compatibility problem.
    Now i have my question. Which is the best? Who is correct here ?

    Does performance scores over correctness or the otherwise? Being new to this domain (one and half year) I do not know much about performance.
    Can you guide me in this regard ?

    With regards,

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