• Huge value add here, Devin. Thank you for clarifying.

    I need to test this again and run some repeated tests. Perhaps the internal Intel card was scanning to a different frequency at the time, too. I'd be interested here to see if we see some non compliance from Intel. (it's not like we haven't seen problems with Intel software before :) ) What I saw before was ~10 repeated RTS frames directed to the Intel MAC w/ no CTS over a fair amount of time.

    I'm getting the test bed ready again to attempt this, so stand by.

    Would you mind giving me a URL w/ that document you pulled this from? As a related topic, I've downloaded the IEEE docs and I find it almost impossible to follow and read them. I'd really like to get a full, complete text (w/out the cross-outs and references to other docs) of, say, at least the 802.11i draft and 802.11g. Do you know of such a document?'s painful.


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