• Brad,

    Jon makes some good points. I'll either reiterate what he said and add some of my own thoughts.

    - You have too many APs. This is extremely common among a few vendors. I'm not bashing their product, but I am critical of their motto "Install a bunch of APs and let the controller sort it out".
    - If you are truly in a test phase, you have caught a major problem early. Good for you!
    - RTS/CTS can help with the problem you have. It is a lengthy explanation, but you have what I have dubbed "hidden AP problem". I'm not suggesting this as a solution if you are willing to take other steps.
    - You have massive co-channel interference. When two or more APs on the same channel can hear each other, you have the cumulative performance of one AP. Again, too many APs.
    - The location of the APs may be a problem. If your APs are mounted in a long hallway, that contributes to co-channel interference.
    - As Jon said, if you can choose other equipment at this stage (dual band APs, 11a VoIP phones) you should seriously consider it.
    - With a proper site survey and the right equipment, I'd bet my next paycheck your Wi-Fi infrastructure could cost half of what your current estimates are based on the current "test floor" implementation.

    If you don't mind, where are you located? If you are somewhere near where I will be, which includes most of the U.S., I'd be more than happy to come by and look at what is going on. I'm not trying to make a buck here, I just like solving these problems.

    If you want to try a fun experiment, just turn off every other AP in your facility. You may cause a few coverage holes in the beginning, but I can almost guarantee that your performance will improve.



    P.S. I always select all and copy my posts before I submit them. It has saved me a retype more than once. :)

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