• Yeah me I passed 85%.


    1. CWNP lists supplemental material for a reason.  (though in truth I have not received my 106 study guide yet.)

    2. Matthew Gast's AC Survival guide is IMO one volume of a "book" that spans three including his n survival guide and definitive guide.

    3. Vic Hayes, Gast, Davids Coleman and Westcott, Bryan Harkins, etc are all smart guys who have been at this a while.  To expect to learn all they try to teach us in short order is unrealistic and insulting.  Plan to devote some time to this and you will be fine.

    Good luck, Everyone!

  • Congratulations on your excellent achievement and I concur with all your tips.


  • Download a copy of 802.11-2012 as well, it's free from IEEE.  Reading through the general descriptions (I believe Clause 4) and skimming the rest was probably the single best study source I used when I passed 105.

  • I am new here. Please is there any requirement for writing CWNP 106 exam ? If any what is the minimum requirement 

  • By Scott Goodman - edited: September 22, 2014

    Hello, I am new here too! (well I have been lurking around for a few months).

    Check the Certifications page at

    CWNA Exam objectives :

    If you are asking if there is any prerequisites, none are required to earn the CWNA.

    The CWNA certification is a prequisite for any of the expert level certifications: CWSP CWDP CWAP.

    All CWNP exams are delivered by Pearson VUE authorized testing centres:


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