• Just took the CWNA exam and missed a passing score by one question.  I'm a little frustrated because I was getting high 90's on both the CWNP exam questions as well as the three Sybex exams.  None of the practice tests were much help in regard to what was on the actual exam in my opinion.  I also had a fairly good handle on the exam objectives using the Sybex text and read it cover to cover.  This is probably the first time that I've done as well on simulations but didn't pass an exam, and I made it a point to not memorize answers but understand the subject matter.  It's obvious that I need to re-tool and find a different approach.  I would appreciate any suggestions for self-study.

  • Can you run through the syllabus and describe each item in detail? I just re-read  the CWNA book last week and went through the practice tests and syllabus again last week to pass the current version. My method of study was primarily focused around ensuring that I could speak to each syllabus item without looking it up. Once I had that down it came down to carefully reading the questions. I say that because a lot of the time we might key in on a certain word or phrase that leads us down the wrong path on selecting the right answer.

    The practice tests will never be as complex as the actual test, that is the point though. The practice tests are there to help you as you study, but only test you on a very small part of the material. I do feel that you should be able to ace 100% all the practice exams/chapter quizzes/etc prior to sitting any exam.


    Blake Krone CWNE #152

  • I sympathize.  I've never done as well on an actual exam as I have on the practice tests.

    But I have found that I do best when I religiously study to the Official Objectives.

  • Thanks for the suggestions.  I think that's where I made an error.  The practice exams on both the CWNP and the Sybex exams not only contained insufficient references to the objectives, but were also not accurate in the portrayal of the format of the CWNA exam.  In the past, I've been able to score well on practice exams and supplement from the study guides in order to get a passing score.  It doesn't seem to be enough to memorize concepts contained in the objectives as well, since much of the test was geared toward application of that knowledge instead of memorizing the concepts.  And without going into too much specific detail and listing an example, which I'm sure would be frowned upon, there was more than one question that relied on drawing correct inferences from the actual topics contained in the objectives than the concepts themselves as defined in the study guide.   My plan is to purchase the most updated Sybex study guide, since I noticed there is a newer version, and to focus on the objectives by possibly creating flashcards and being conversant in the topics as you recommended.  I'm not going to completely discard the practice exams but based on my experience they are of little value.

  • I disagree about the CWNP practice test and how it should relate to the real test.  This is a test we paid money for from the people who make the test with the intention to have an accurate gauge of the real test.  THIS practice test should be just another version of the real test.  They took the money for that.  Makes them responsible for their product.

    Beyond that just a question on the form of the real exam.  Sybex asks multiple choice questions and they all seem to be "click all that apply" but the CWNP practice test multiple choice questions seem all to be "click best 2"  "click best 3" etc.  I don't think it is a major release of information if you let me know what version of the multiple choice question it uses.

    Hoping to take my CWNA test next week.


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    I've been studying the CWNP materials since about 2003, and I can honestly say that the tests have always covered more detail than what is in the study guide.

    However, I can verify that I do best when I concentrate my studies on the Official Exam Objectives - not the books or the practice questions.

    In my opinion it would be better to:

    1)  create more practice tests, AND

    2)  add several questions from the un-covered material into the practice exams, so that ones practice scores are more realistic.   

    Put another way, 

               base the practice exams on the objectives, and not the books.

    I realize that with so much material to cover, that no one book can cover everything in the objectives, but it sure is disheartening to get high 90's on the practice exams and then not pass the tests themselves.

    Of course, some people will complain about this approach too.

  • I found this FB group for CWNA (Wireless Certificate), Free daily sample questions for exam and also study guides, Voucher links etc.

  • By Howard - edited: January 13, 2021

    I am old school, and very security conscious.   As such, I will not join social media sites like FB or Twitter.

    It may be that not being a member has cost me something "socially".   However given the evidence, especially that revealed within the last couple years, I feel that that I have made the correct decisions in this regard.

    The intrusion and data mining used against members of organizations like FB, is rampant.  I prefer to stay as safe as possible without having to expose myself completely.

    I'm sure I will get much flak for saying this, but I would suggest everyone stay clear of FB and Twitter.

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