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    The Wi-Fi Alliance has just announced a new protocol for IOT devices based on 802.11ah.   They call it HaLow (pronounced HAY-Low) .

    The goal is an IP based, long range (1km), low power, sub 1 GHz technology.  Its target markets are digital healthcare, industrial, retail, smart home, connected car, and Smart City applications.

    Unlike other WFA programs, HaLow is not tied to a certification program, but a WFA Certification is predicted by 2018.

    Security will be based on WPA2.  Depending on the QAM level selected, the bit rate will run from 0.9 to 4 times that of BT-LE.

    Interoperabilty testing will begin this year with devices scheduled to hit the market in 2017.

    The WFA has Power Point slides available for public presentation and an MRD for Alliance members.

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    I am imagining a situation where you have a bridge network that connects two points in a city using 802.11ah. Do you know of vendors developing a router that Tx/Rx in 802.11ah across the bridge, and translates that to 2.4/5GHz on the WLAN? Current consumer devices would not be able to use this licensed spectrum, so there must be some spectral conversion that takes place..


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