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  • By john2073 - edited: August 9, 2016

    Hi all,

    I just have passed cwna-106 and wanted to go for next exam.  Should I take CWSP first then CWAP and is this a requirement order or does not matter if i can take CWAP first instead of CWSP. The reason i want to buy a cwsp book of David Coleman/Westcott but this book will be out until October in the meantime i don't want to waist my time if i could study new book exam just came out CWAP-402 by Tom Carpenter/Badman. Would anyone let me know please, thanks very much and  I really appreciated.


  • By Howard - edited: August 9, 2016

    First of all,  Congratulations.

    There is no restriction as to the order in which you take the exams, after your CWNA is granted.

    The CWAP segments on packet analysis really help with the CWSP, and I would recommend that order - I wish I had.

  • Thank you - Howard, I will go w/ your recommendation. 

  • Thank you - Howard, I will go w/ your recommendation. 

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