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    The exam objectives seem to be broken out by category and learning topic.  Is there a resource that maps these to the individual chapters?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I believe there is an objective-to-chapter map in the front of the Sybex CWNA study guide. If not, you would need to contact Sybex for that as we do not publish the Sybex books.

    Hope that helps,


  • Thanks Tom - hope you are well.

  • Hi Spark,

    Maybe this helps as well  (mapping of Certitrek/CWNP CWNA slide material to Sybex CWNA-106 Chapters)

    If you are studying for CWNA make sure to read in the Sybex Book the following chapters:

    * Chapter 17 about PoE  (Power over Ethernet) starting page 599  (and study the tables and diagrams)

    * Chapter 13+14  about Wi-Fi Security, especially page 479 the EAP table and understand the differences.

    In addition our training, both instructor led and online 

    helped many customers to achieve CWNA with high scores 85% and higher.

    Twitter @globeron for details


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