• I defiantly recommend the e-learning.  The biggest advantage to it for me was the information getting condensed down into short sections and I was able to play it and listen while doing other things at work or during my study time.  It made it nice as I could play it every day at work, that along with reading the book really solidified the information in my head.  I recommend the practice tests as well if you can afford it or your company will get them, all 3 are valuable assets for passing for sure.  I've since passed my CWAP and I'm now studying for my CWSP and will take that next month.  I've used all 3 resources for each. 

  • IMO, the combination of the e-learning and the book is good, but still not enough by itself.  You definitely need toh ave working knowledge and experience to pass the test on top of the e-learning and the book.

    The book goes into much more detail than the e-learning and helps you learn to the topics a little better.  The e-learning as mentioned is extremely convenient as far as getting a good foundational overview of the material and having the material 'fed' to you rather than having to go through the book on your own.  Many of the explanations and illustrations in the e-learning are the same as in the book but it's nice to hear someone explain it via the videos sometimes.

    If you do the e-learning first, much of what's in the book will be familiar when you get to it, so I recommend you do it that way.

  • A friend suggested me to use CWNA-107 Exam Dumps and I got relaxed. I first downloaded demo questions which were freely available which gave me knowledge about the whole study stuff. I am very excited with my success by the first attempt with CWNA-107 Study Material. I am thankful to my friend and

  • Based on the original CWNP standards, you just screwed yourself !

    People using Brain Dumps to pass tests are automatically FAILED  !

    Delete these posts immediately, hope it's not too late, and don't use them again. 

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