• On February 16, I successfully completed the CWSP-205 exam and I still have not received my certificate, is there a problem with this? my CWNP ID (514861). How long should I wait? I have the impression that You don't give seriousness it, I am disappointed of this situation.

  • Try to email support and work with them.

    This happened to me on my CWAP and CWSP both were taken a week apart and the CWSP was a renewal ... Apparently my email for pearsonvue and CWNP were different and that caused some issues. I worked with support and they found both my passing scores and associated them to my CWNP account.  It did take them a while to figure it out, find the results and post them to my account but they did and everything is good now.

    Good Luck!


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. I have sent several emails to and I have not received a reply. Is the email address correct? Thank  you.

  • Sorry for the delayed response.. I emailed the support from cwnp.

  • OK. Thanks for your response. Yesterday I send them a email to I hope their answer soon.

  • Hi @ejzarate. It looks like this issue has been fixed in your account.

    For anyone else who happens upon this thread in the future, it's important to ensure that the email address in your CWNP account and the email address at Pearson Vue match. If you're experiencing this or a similar issue, please contact for the quickest response. 

    Congratulations on passing CWSP!

  • I received the CWSP Certifcate, there was indeed a problem in the email. Thanks for your help.

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