• The linked article below attempts to explain a "new enhancement" for Wi-Fi.

    It's hard to tell if it really is something new and novel, or just smoke.

    Would like to see some real technical details..

  • I wonder what happened to the article. I only see the title, bunch of ads and zero comments (understandably).

  • By Howard - edited: August 24, 2018

    Very interesting.

    Trying to find information on their search page gets HTML ERROR 500.

    But I did find essentially, if not verbatim, the same article here

    Changing the source, to something like, doesn't make it any more credible to me.

    Hmm ?

    Plagiarism fears ?

  • Impossible to say without any substance. However, I doubt there is much to improve if it really "requires no modification to end-user devices" that the IEEE 802.11 group would have overlooked.

    If the next standard (after 802.11ax) will be on 6MHz it will be a clean slate. No need for any backwards compatibility. There TDMA or some such could increase the efficiency multifold. 802.11ax resource units and their assignment is a step in that direction.

  • The other day, during the CWNP webinar on /ax, it was said that /ax OFDMA will revert to OFDM with only a single client, so as not to lose efficiency (due to sharing).   I hope it really works that way.

  • I haven't thought through all the details of ax, but I imagined OFDMA could be beneficial also in single client / AP communication since it would provide for true full duplex communication.

  • For a single user, I don't know if that will help.   

    ACK's still can't proceed until the original packet is decoded, at least up to the CRC.

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