• Hello all,

    I'm studying for the CWSP exam, with in the study guide one of the questions is "WPA uses what encryption".

    The answer is TKIP/AES.

    But it was my understanding that WPA uses TKIP/RC4. Is anyone able to explain why the answer is TKIP/AES?

  • WPA uses TKIP/RC4 and WPA2 uses AES/CCMP to use (almost) equivalent expressions. I don't know if the question refers to WPA/WPA2 which could be expressed as using TKIP/AES.

    I wrote "almost" above, since IMO the equivalent of TKIP/RC4 would be CCMP/AES, but it's not written that way around. TKIP is based on RC4 and CCMP is based on AES. So the answer should really be TKIP/CCMP (or RC4/AES) for WPA/WPA2 if you want to pick nits.

  • Thank you, I think that is where I was getting confused, they must be referring to WPA/WPA2.

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