• It sounds like you are good to go. So many people just walk in with confidence and fail because they didn't take it seriously. You have read and memorized the material, there is no more you can prepare. If you don't pass the reason is anxiety, not lack of knowledge IMO. I know certification exams are stressful, especially if you are paying for it yourself. It stings in your pocket and self esteem if you fail. Somehow you should try to relax. Have you ever tried meditation?

    I have done literally over a hundred certification exams. (Yeah, my former employer was very keen on them so they paid the fees.) It gets easier with more experience. This will be your fifth.

    Would it reassure you to know you can answer wrong almost every third question and still pass? (Unless you want to become a trainer you only need 70%.) I think you have plenty of margin there.

    CWNA is still the first real CWNP certification. There is a lot of material to cover, but you don't need to dig that deep into everything. The professional exams will take you there, but then you have it split in three different areas.

  • Well... what would be worse than failing the test?

    Not getting to take it!

    Went in and apparently this testing center has never done a Certitrak test before and they needed to whitelist some addresses in order for the test to go through...Unfortunately the admin was on vacation all last week and would be his first day back... AND he wasn't actually in yet. So I'll have to reschedule through Pearson :(

    Cram session all weekend.

    Then nothing...I think a little of me died this morning.

  • Now that you have done it once you can do it again. Good luck and report back here!

  • Passed!

    Hit the study guide hard.
    The videos are a nice filler.
    The practice questions are decent.

    I had 3 questions I commented on because I didn't like the way they were worded as they could have been taken to one of two answers. One in particular sticks in my mind. I felt like I argued a pretty good point on if taken one way it was this answer and the other it was the other answer.

    Another 3 questions I flat didn't have the depth of knowledge required in that specific topic for that specific question the way it was asked. I could have rattled off a bunch of information about what it was, how it worked, etc... But there was a detail in the way that the question was written that I just didn't know. I could dump out the obvious terrible answers, but even then sometimes there was only 1 that was obviously wrong.

    I think I marked 5-6 questions to review total. Some could have been those above.

    One thing on mine was that the timer started even as you were reading the testing instructions... :-\
    That seemed like a low blow, but honestly 90min is plenty regardless, so I can't complain too much.

    One other thing was the ability to right click and cross out an answer did not work on mine, even though that was in the instructions.

    To study I did the following:
    Read the study guide.
    Went through the videos
    Did 1 round of practice tests.
    Went back to the study guide and went through all the review questions, anything that I was unsure about in any way I wrote down and made a flash card for that content. Anything I got wrong, I wrote down and made a flashcard for that content.
    I did the same for the video questions, and also the practice tests.
    When it was all said and done I had somewhere in the neighborhood of 110 custom flash cards I made.

  • Congratulations!

  • Hi Petri,

    Do you think its enough to study the oficial cwna study guide?

    Have any material that could share?

    In my first attempt i fail, and i will try in two weeks again.

    Any help and support will be appreciate.


  • I haven't seen the latest editions of the official study guides, but the first ones didn't impress me (or anyone else either). For lower price you can get the Sybex book which will definitely make you pass if you read and understand it. It has more information and costs less, which makes it an easy pick. Just make certain you get the latest book for 107.

    Disclaimer: I haven't read either the latest CWNP study guide or the latest Sybex book. I took my test a while ago (106) and I read the Sybex book for it. It was the official book at the time. The Sybex book was well organized, professionally printed and indexed, contained all the information and I passed on the first try with flying colors.

  • Appreciate your reply Petri.

    Do you know what is the name of the sybex book?

    Thanks in advanced

  • CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator Study Guide: Exam CWNA-107 (ISBN 978-1119425786)

    After re-reading your original post:

    • The official study guide is not sufficient alone. You need to dig around for more information. It is only to be used as a study guide.
    • No, I don't have anything specific to share. CWNA is a broad exam and you need a source tailored for the exam.
    • I'm sorry to hear you didn't pass. Two weeks is too short to read the entire Sybex book. You need to concentrate on the areas you were weakest. You can use the Sybex book, but there are also plenty of sources on the internet once you know what you are looking for. Now you know how the test looks and feels like, you'll probably do much better next time. The questions will be different, though, but they cover the same areas.

    Even though it is the first test in the program, you should approach it with respect. It is not easy by any means. There is a lot of ground to cover.

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