• Has anyone experienced an issue on iOS devices where "Ask to join networks" is enabled and it then asks for a password even on an open SSID. The SSID is working perfectly normally without issue on Android and even works properly on iOS if the SSID has been previously used. It seems to be inconsistent/intermittent as I can't recreate the issue consistently. 

  • Sorry, I don't know about it.

  • By Howard - edited: March 29

    I have seen this once or twice.   It's caused by incomplete qualification testing of the IOS device, or application program.  The situation was especially frustrating because the hand-helds we were testing with was made by another division of our own company.

    Of course, they didn't have time to fix the problem for an internal customer.

    Every Wi-Fi device has dozens, and sometimes hundreds of variables in its memory and registers that it operates from.   When you (actually the other division) doesn't test the device adequately, meaning under EVERY possible combination of parameters, this is what can happen.

    Most people have no idea of how many parameters or variables are involved.   I would estimate that there were over 300 variables just in the Wi-Fi routines. 

    In my "Quality Assurance" environment, the only solution we had was to reset the client devices to Factory Default settings - and start over.

    Definitely an aggravating experience.  At least if it consistently failed, you could debug it.   

    This problem was probably caused by a "Race Condition" between a chip-set driver, and other firmware segments in the client device.  

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