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Ethics, Integrity, and the CWNE Process

What does it take to be a CWNE? According to Lee Badman, a lot more than just submitting the application. 

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Consider Hiring or Requiring a CWNE For Critical WLAN Situations

Yes, I am a Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE), and no- I'm not looking for work via this blog post. But I see things, I read things, and I hear things as a busy citizen of the wireless world that bring me to the keyboard on this topic. With the booming popularity of wireless networking as the preferred access method for a growing number of business and personal scenarios, it stands to reason that more people are "doing" WLAN. But there are is a huge delta between doing it and doing it right. And that's where your friendly neighborhood CWNE comes in.

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Guest Blog: The CWNP: An Overview by Lee Badman

A look at the vendor-neutral WiFi certifications offered by the Certified Wireless Network Professional program.

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