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  • CWNP

Wireless Field Day 3 - Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks claims to have the best performing AP in the industry. Whether that is true or not depends on real-world results and independent analysis; however, they do offer controller-based WLANs that redirect data transmissions directly to the LAN and not through the controller. This can provide improvements in performance in certain scenarios with congested LANs and may provide improved performance as WLANs are more heavily used. Continue reading...

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Wireless Field Day 3 - Cisco Mobility

Cisco addressed the topics of Hotspot 2.0 (HS 2.0), 802.11ac, Bonjour and AVC in their presentation at Wireless Field Day 3 (WFD3). Everyone knows what Cisco does, so I'll address some of their comments without more introductory remarks. Continue reading...

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Wireless Field Day 3 - Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks (Aruba for short) provides enterprise-grade Wi-Fi equipment supporting high density deployments indoors and outdoors. The demonstrated multicast-to-unicast conversion for streaming video as well as multi-client throughput tests including iPads, iPhones and laptops. Continue reading...

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Wireless Field Day 3 - Meraki

Meraki opened their presentation by sharing their continued growth numbers. They have grown 2-3 times year over year and the have hired new staff with major expansions in R&D. Expanding customer support has been a large focus during this time of growth. Continue reading...

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Wireless Field Day 3 - Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Wireless is a WLAN vendor with a heavy focus on antenna and transmission technologies that use standards-based 802.11 communications but with proprietary hardware implementations that provide for directional links to clients (to over simplify what they do). Marcus Burton, much to our loss at CWNP and to Ruckus Wireless' gain, started out the presentation. Continue reading...

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Wireless Field Day 3 - MetaGeek

MetaGeek is a company that specializes in wireless analysis software. From their free or low cost insider application to the Chanalyzer Pro application, they demonstrated the capabilities and potential of their solutions. Continue reading...

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Wireless Field Day 3 - WildPackets

The WildPackets staff began the presentation with a very brief overview of their history. This introduction provided an overview of the company and insights into their organizational culture. Then we quickly moved onto the good stuff - announcements and technical information. Continue reading...

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Shared Key Authentication - WLAN Foundations

Shared Key authentication was thought to be more secure than Open System authentication at the time of their joint specification in the IEEE 802.11-1997 standard. This was due to the fact that Shared Key authentication verified the requestor using a real authentication method whereas Open System authentication simply authenticated the requestor regardless of identity. However, Open System authentication leaves the door open for the use of advanced and evolving security technologies that run across the association created using null authentication.

Continue reading...

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802.11 Commentary Part 4 - WLAN Basic Architecture

This video introduces initial concepts in 802.11-2012 Clause 4.3. These include BSS, IBSS, ESS, DS, DSM and Portals. Continue reading...

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