• I have a environment with 11 Cisco 1231 AP's with 5 SSID's. We have the Airborne devices on one network, Symbol scanners on another, PC's on one and so on. They are divided partially for security but primarily for the number of devices. There are 164 Airborne devices and 185 Symbol devices and we're running on a Class C subnet. The 11 AP's are covering about 90k sq ft. of manufacturing space.

    We haven't had any problems with the Symbol devices nor our laptops on this network. The Airborne devices are another issue. What we're seeing is that the some, not all, of the devices respond in a timely fashion when they are first powered up but slow down considerably over a 5 - 10 minute span. Usually it requires rebooting the Airborne device to get things going again but occasionally it will snap out of it's state and start responding again.

    There is very little rhyme or reason and it doesn't happen to the same device all the time. The company has two models and the g's are much more stable than the older b's.

    We've thought about lowering our fragmentation threshold, but the connection is telnet and the amount of data is relatively small. We also looked at the RTS threshold but the size of the facility and the number of AP's covering it shouldn't allow for any hidden node problems.

    I've used AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer to check the connection and all that I see are data packets and acks and when the ping times get really long, the Airborne device sends packets out on all channels.

    Sorry for the verbose post but wanted to include as much info as possible.

    Thanx in advance,


  • Can you be more specific that the Airborne devices are transmitting on all channels? If they are transmitting Probe Request and authentication frames on all channels that is fine. Any other data on all channels is not.

    On another note, I used to know a David Boyd that was in the computer field. Ever live in WA State?


  • I'll have to run another capture, but as I remember, it was more than a probe request. It was a tough week last week, and everything was pretty much a blur.

    We did change the config so that the AP's broadcast the SSID. This seems to have helped but it was late Friday so our sampling window is small. I'll find out more on Monday.

    Never lived in Washington.

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