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  • So yesterday morning I sat the CWNA-108. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be when I went into it. I passed it with an 80%. I was an idiot though even with the pass. I had studied with the 107 material. Had to step back for about a year where the test changed. Picked up the book for about 2 months to refresh and go over the material I hadn't gotten to. By the time I sat the exam yesterday I realized that I had only gotten through about 80% of the material from the previous exam. Apparently my knowledge that I had outside of studying had paid off. After finishing the exam I went online and ordered the current CWSP study material which should be here Friday. I'm on a roll so lets not slow down and start hitting the CWxP stuff now. I was going to do the CWDP first but I heard that the CWDP and CWAP are being refreshed in SEPT while the CWSP isn't this year.

    With all that being said I do have a question. Has anyone sat/passed the CWISA exam yet? I know it has become a requirement for CWNE and I'm curious as to what to expect from it when I tackle that. Thank you in advanced everyone.

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