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  • Well my book arrived today while I was out on a job, had a scan through and this is certainly exactly the book for me.

    I think I will focus on the CWSP before August and take the CWNA after time permitting.

    Also a small bonus in the Dictionary which will come in handy when I see something that I dont recognise.


  • Hello, I just ordered my book today. Does it cover any offensive security attacks or just defensive stuff? What kind of tools does it cover? Does it explain in depth with packet examples of different protocols? Thanks!

  • Knowledge of how FT works is becoming more and more important, especially with the increase in use of voice apps. Even though many vendors have "their own" versions of FT, a reasonable knowledge of .11r and .11k will go a long way in helping with many troubleshooting problems.

    The overloading of QOS and security info (in some cases) onto the basic frames (auth, re-assoc etc) was very cleverly done.


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