• I sat the CWTS exam today here in Wellington , New Zelanad, and am pleased to report a pass mark of 86%. The exam was actually harder than I had expected, as the two practice tests (purchased last week on CWNP) and the Sybex Test engine (supplied on CD with the CWTS Text) were (to me) quite different. Either way, I was pleased with the result. I have tried to register the exam result but it currently comes back with result not found? I assume it may take a few days for the result to be loaded back to CWNP - can anyone confirm? I used the required detaisl as they appear on the Exam Score Report.

    After the exam I purchased the full set of CWNP books (great current pricing!) and will start studying on the next CWNA phase as soon as they arrive.

    I have around 17 years IT experience with the last 4-5 years haveing a particular WLAN focus, but I need to translate that site experience into real world qualifications that are respected globally, as experience in NZ counts for little internationally.

    Cheers guys

  • Yeah It takes a few days before you can register.

    Good luck with CWNA, let us know if you have any questions or problems understanding something. There is a lot of useful information on these forum.

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