• I found more information in the design document that I'm wondering about:

    When checked, the Gratuitous Probe Response checkbox causes APs to send a probe response at a regular interval (default 10mSec) to assist certain WVoIP phones in making roaming decisions. The use of the probe response is considered more efficient and less disruptive than increasing the beacon rate of APs.

    Beacons go out, on average, every 100 kus (approx 100ms). Are these guys saying that if you turn on GPR, that APs will send unicast frames (Probe Responses) to individual phones every 10 kus (approx 10ms)? If there were 10 such phones, that would be 10 phones x 100 Probes/sec = 1000 Probes/sec. That's just stupid. Maybe they forgot to mention something that makes this reasonable in the documentation or maybe it's poorly worded and they don't mean exactly what they're saying here.


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