• Good Morning everyone. I would like to introduce my self a bit.

    My name is Marcin and I am from Bolton near Manchester in UK. I do work for only one wireless ISP within UK - company called Metronet UK. My day to day job floats around supporting field engineers in their daily routines. I mainly work with Infinet and Proxim radios operating on around 5GHz. For some "posh" Customers we do have licensed microwaves like Dragon Wave, Ceragon and Bridge Wave. Lately we also introducing new family of radios working around 3GHz.

    I used to work as field engineer so I do have very good hands on experience. Currently I'm relatively busy with my CCNA as company I work for uses a lot of Cisco stuff. Right after getting my CCNA I'm starting with CWTS which will be my first official wireless certification.

    In private I am also ham radio operator. My current call sign is M0GHC. I know what aerial is, how coax looks like and how to terminate N-type connector. I hope my current knowledge will give me some "kick" into fully certified wireless world.

    I wish you all the best.

    Marcin (melhiore), UK

  • I've always found that physical hands-on experience helps in any technical field.

    Good luck to you too !

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