• Keith and Wireless Jon are right on. I have seen it many times where the CIO/CTO are so engineering centric that they lose sight of the business requirements that are called for by the end product. So everyone gets wrapped up on what spectrum, what channel spread, what roaming capabalities, etc and when the final turn up takes place, sure it has a nice layout and maybe even postured for future expansion, BUT DOES IT MEET THE CUSTOMER'S REQUIREMENTS as they were agreed upon? Is CAPACITY coverage ample for now and the future to meet those expected requirements?

    Clients changing their minds half way through design or worse yet installation is a whole nother matter. Haha. That is why everything is documented in exacting detail and signed off on. I know in reality that doesn't stop scope creep but at least your ass is covered for the most part. Also, if that documentation doesn't start with expected capacity, how can you even begin to back the rest of the design? This is why in this industry we have to see both sides, the business impact and requirements side and the design/engineering side. Anyway, just my opinion...great points made here by all no doubt.

    "Go for gold...ask for RTLS!" Haha. Thats a good one!!

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