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Last Post: January 1, 2006:
  • Anyone passing this exam have Security + Certification?

    I got the CWNA back in 2004 and took Sec + since then.

    I was wondering if CWSP is similar to Sec +


  • i doubt it. i took the security + last year and ws actually disappointed it did not go that much in-depth. i don't think much of security + will carry over as it was more general networking. to get a feel for the cwsp, maybe you could try the on-line exam here.

  • I have Security+ but it is a far cry from CWSP.

  • I took the advice listed in the front of the CWSP Study Guide and passed the Security+ exam before attempting the CWSP. I agree with the others that the CWSP is much more in-depth and very different than Security+. However, I think that if you don't understand basic security concepts, you will have a harder time passing the CWSP. The CWSP is already challenging on its own -- don't hurt yourself by walking into the exam without knowledge of traditional networking and security. Best of luck in your studies!


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