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    Today, we are happy to announce the official arrival of the CWNE certification. We've been planning this certification for some time, and we are very excited about the new challenges and changes that CWNE brings to the wireless networking world. CWNE is the capstone certification of the CWNP program.

    Below are several important links to the pertinent information about CWNE:

    Listen to the webinar:

    Exam objectives:



    CWNP Official Blog Post about CWNE:

    Official Study Guide:

    Press release:

    We know that, even after soaking up all the information in the above links, there will still be a lot of questions regarding CWNE, so please post them right here, and we'll answer them as quickly as we can.

  • Kevin,

    I am so excited about the CWNE announcement. I have been waiting for it ever since I completed the other certifications.

    I have a question about the three letters of endorsement required for the application. Is there a certain standard to be followed? Standard form? Letter length? etc.. Would you be able to post more details about this requirement.


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    The endorsement form is here:

    It's a professional endorsement. The persons you ask to endorse you must be willing to put their professional credibility on the line to vouch for your knowledge, expertise, and professionalism.

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    Wow guys! Great work on getting the CWNE out the door! Congratulations!

    I'm looking forward to tackling the exam!


  • Thanks for the quick response.

  • I think I am screwed out of the CWNE anyways after looking at the requirements. My work history on wirless projects does not cover a continous 3 years. Between the analysis reports from 02, the WISP work and some security projects and Hack The MAC work I don't think I have enough to qualify. All I do is enterprise work but mostly protocols and wireline infrastructure work.

  • I am glad to see the CWNE has arrived also.

    I am fairly sure I meet all of the requirements, but am wondering how I will document the projects I have been involved in considering their classified nature...


  • One other question, let's say I get my cwsp by december 31 and make my triple crown by years end, do I still qualify for the "application" come the new year.

    What I mean is that if someone has triple crown status but does not send in a cwne application until jan 07 are they out of luck and have to take another exam????

    Or if I have my triple crown and am in the application process during the crossover to the new year am I out of luck?

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    If you have your triple crown, you can apply.

  • I am speaking for myself but I?¡é?€??m sure there may be others with the same question or same predicament. This question is for those who have passed all three prerequisites to become a CWNE. Since the requirements for the CWNE took so long to come out; some peoples CWNP certifications would have expired before they are able to get three full years of professional wireless experience because they have not been lucky enough to get into the wireless field as of yet or job does not entail wireless on a daily basis. The question is: the ones who understand wireless enough to pass the CWNE; do we pass the CWNE and be placed on probational status until we get the three years professional experience to call ourselves fully qualified CWNE or how does that work?

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