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    Talk amongst yourselves.

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    Microtik has been around for quite a while.

    I've been in the Campus and Enterprise Networks these past few years mostly every thing I've worked with has been Cisco, Nortel, Meru, Motorola, and maybe a couple of other one-offs in some college networks.

    Cisco seems predominent and preferred to most others.  I was going to try Trapeze and Meru for my new hospital but I was told not to spin cycles on them.

    It's hard for Tier 2 and Tier 3 to break the ice and get ahead.


    I'd say it comes down to relationships easily as much as it does technologies.

    That's probably not what people who have strong technologies that are innovative and awesome want to hear but it probably very true in the majority of venues.



  • I had a view of a Magic quadrant earlier this year and it looks like Meru and Aruba were there or there abouts with innovation but behind on market share a few years ago but thats all changed.

    Its Aruba and Cisc predominently Trapeze and Meru having lost their way a little. Moto making ground, however I have never competed with them, and HP being all over the place.


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