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    So who didn't watch, listen to, or at least follow a live blog of Steve Jobs' iPhone 4 intro? Guilty. I did.

    What kept coming up is that Jobs couldn't do the demos of the iPhone 4 that required a Wi-Fi internet connection because the Wi-Fi in the facility they were in was all jammed up with 570 clients connected.

    [url=]Here's the AP version of the story.[/url]

    So who's running the Wi-Fi at this event? Whose gear are they using? Why didn't they plan for ubiquitous Wi-Fi connections?

    Seriously. This was a media event about a communications device. Every person there was FB-ing, tweeting, blogging, or at the very least the losers were composing huge emails. I would imagine there were a few trying to stream some video.

    What would you have done if you were in charge of Wi-Fi at day 1 of Apple's WWDC?

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