• Hello,

    I am studing for Wireless# and as i go thru the topics i find many doubts.
    For example:
    Wimax - the Wireless# Guide from Preplogic says that the Wimax Channels Bandwidth range from 1.75Mhz to 20Mhz from Frequencies of 2 to 11GHZ of NLOS.

    However, the Wimax Forum says it's from 1.25MHZ.

    If a question like this fall in the exam :
    What's the least and the biggest range of frequencies on Wimax for 2-11Ghz NLOS ?

    a. 1.75mhz to 20mhz
    b. 1.25mhz to 20mhz
    c. x
    d. y

    How can i be sure which one is right ?

    The same thing for date rates and ranges ?

    The Guide says up to 50km range, the wimax forum says up to 40km.Some say 70mbps, other 35mbps.

    what if it falls ?
    what's the widest range wimax go ?
    a. 50km
    b. 40km
    c. 1m
    d. 10cm

    Please help me, who do i trust The Guide, the Ieee, the Certified Providers ?


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  • Hello,

    When does the official guide book comes out ?

    If i bought it in the bundle sent by email, when should i expect delivery ?


  • How long is a piece of string. Batjedi If you go to you can purchase now, study and complete CompTIA's RFID+ by buying the following:

    RFID+ - The Complete Review of Radio Frequency Identification
    Published by - Course
    ISBN -1418052310

    Studied this will allow you to overkill the RFID part of the exam and with the RFID+ qualification expand your marketability no end.


  • Good suggestion Karl. That is a really good resource. In addition, RFID for Dummies will give you all you need to know. Just make sure you understand the difference between active and passive tags, the various applications for the technology, and a few facts related to the frequencies used might be helpful.

    Tom Carpenter

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