• Hello everybody,

    I'm taking final steps to pass my CCNA exam. Right after that I'm planning to focus on CWTS/CWNA. I know I do not have to take CWTS before CWNA, but I would like to start from scratch. Now to the question:

    As I still have a time to collect what may be helpful I would like to hear any advise from you. Is there any recommended lab equipment which supposed to make my studies more convenient?? I'm thinking about hardware that can be used in later stage for CWNA and CWSP as well...

    Any advices really welcome


  • The CCNA is all about Cisco, so you need to have a home lab to learn the Cisco equipment and IOS. And the CCNA covers L1, L2, and L3, meaning that you need to have all the different cables, routers and switches. But the CWNP exams are non-proprietary, and covers mostly L1 and L2 (hopefully you can get by w/o buying L3 equipment such as controllers, hard to find them on Ebay), and L1 is the air, so the lab can be basically a few host with wireless capability (or just hang out at a hotspot), a laptop with an 'air sniffing' adaptor and a wireless protocol (Omnipeek for example) analyzer. Just make sure that the adaptor is recommended for the analyzer software, before you spend $. And for the CWSP, it might not be in your budget to have Radius Servers etc... so hanging out at a Starbucks with a air sniifer is basically your lab work.

  • Thank you for your feedback.

    I'm a Linux fan. I actually already have my own Radius server helping to protect access to my network :) It is because I also study towards Red Hat certification and having Linux toys is very useful. I was just wondering if there is any "must have" setup to even start studying. I see there are no special requirements which is taking me closer to CWTS/CWNA...

    Thank you again.


  • A lab setuo is not necessary, but getting familiar w/ the protocol analyzer helps plenty. You get used to seeing the frames that the books are talking about. A simple user version of Omnipeeks is free with the CWSP, but as I recall, the AirMagnet w/ the CWNA did not work.

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