• What would the correct notation for a MIMO radio be, if it were single stream,and had dual diversity antennas?

    1x1:1 doesn't tell the whole story. 2x2:1 just looks better.

    Any ideas ?

  • Well how many radios can transmit and how many can receive? Dual diversity make me think dual receive radios. Maybe a 1x2:1 specification? You think 2x2?

  • The question really boils down to whether, or how, multiple "antennas" should be noted.

    A single stream is a single stream, hence the ":1". Antennas don't equate to radios.

    I'm beginning to think that a single stream radio, can't be called MIMO, no matter what. It may support "n" rates, but that's all.

  • By (Deleted User)

    I would simply call it 1x1 802.11n with simple (switched) diversity; it definitely is not MIMO at all. As you know, 802.11n and MIMO aren't synonymous. I also don't think you need to note multiple antennas in any way, the same way we don't in 802.11a/g.

  • Is it correct that the notation for 802.11n MIMO is (tx:rx:# spatial streams)? With that said, wouldn't the diversity antennas both transmit and receive thereby notating 2x2:1?

  • By (Deleted User)

    Yes, that 802.11n notation (tx:rx:ss) is true. They would both transmit and receive, but they are both tied to the same radio hardware, so only one transmits and receives at a time, making it a SISO system. In 802.11n terms, you could label a SISO system as 1x1:1. These numbers are all about radio architecture and have nothing to do with the number of antennas.

    This is slightly beyond the current conversation but is still relevant...

    802.11n specifies a technology (not used today) called antenna selection (ASEL) that can pick the best antennas to use based on the RF environment. ASEL requires more antennas than radio chains (where today's deployments usually have an equal number of antennas per radio chain and frequency band), so if you have a 2x2 single-band AP (1 radio with 2 radio chains), you could have 4 antennas (2 per radio chain) and let an ASEL algorithm pick the best antennas to use for each wireless peer. This is a bit like simple antenna diversity (switched antennas) on top of MIMO. Neat stuff.

  • Yes, that notation for MIMO is correct.

    So, you can see why I originally said 2x2:1 !

    However, I now think that any attempt to call any single stream n-radio "MIMO" is incorrect.

    I wouldn't be surprized if some marketing types still picked up on the 2x2:1 label though.

  • By (Deleted User)

    If marketing types do, we will harangue them with vehement zeal. :D

  • Good !

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