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  • Good job, Nick! Best of luck on the CWNA!

  • By Narresh - edited: November 20, 2012

    I took my PWO-070 CWTS this morning and I pass with 83... Since  this exam is retiring in December what will be my credential? I intend to start studying for my CWNA  PWO- 105 as early as of next week, but I need to be in a classroom also where there are live demonstration... any help here?



  • Hi guys, the forum got a little bit quieter lately so just wanted to freshen it up... I passed my CWTS with 83% yesterday.
    I tried to pass CWNA earlier in the summer and missed it by 7%, so I decided to make myself better by at least passing CWTS before the new version of exam will kick in.
    Thank you everybody for the notes on how to study and what to look for in the prep material... Please keep up doing a good work!

  • By (Deleted User)

    Narresh, to answer your question, your CWTS certification is still valid for the next three years and certain learning partners offer lab training, but that's up to their discretion. 

    Nigovan, Congratulations on passing your CWTS! With that score you could even become a CWNT if you wanted. :) 

  • Taking the CWTS today, wish me luck!

  • Hello all!! I have been digging into the Sybex study material and forming my own study guide from the flash cards and the practice tests on the website. My weakest area is remembering the standards, spread spectrum and the data rates. Any tips on remembering these?

  • I must say,  a lot of that, for me, just repeated exposure. After seeing these data rates dozens of times, they just stuck. One thing that would help in gaining this exposure is to read vendor whitepaper after whitepaper. They all talk a little differently about wireless, so you learn some valuable perspectives, but they all have to come back to the facts as well.


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  • Thanks. Also, is the exam multiple choice for all 60 or a mixture of MC & scenario given questions?

  • The exam questions are all multiple choice for CWTS. Very light scenarios may be presented as a single sentence, but no complex scenario-based questions.


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  • Thanks Tom. I will be attempting the CWTS for the first time next month. I shouldn't have a problem acing it though. Next up will be the CWNA. Though there isn't much demand in my geographic area, it sets me up for the future.

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