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    Hi everyone
    I currently work in the CATV industry as a service technician, and so have a good understanding of RF principles, Modulation schemes and fiber optics as well. I also have a basic grasp of the TCP/IP suite. 
    The company I work for deploy wifi in homes mainly and some commercial locations as well and I feel this trend will only increase and so I would like to acquire a more thorough understanding of Wifi etc, and was wondering if the CWTS course would be a good starting point for me ?

    I have already come up against wifi interference and use the wi-spy from Metageek as one of my tools as well as the Fluke AirCheck meter and WireShark to name a few.
    I'm considering the Self study kit as there are no classes at all near where I work and live. Is there a time limit on the materials and when you have to take the test ?

    Any training pointers would also be most appreciated.



  • There is no time limit, unless you are talking about one of the special deals - like the "free retest" promotion going on right now.

    Anytime they come out with a new book is when you have to be careful.  There is no prohibition against using an older book, for a current test.  However,  I barely passed my CWNA using an old book and I will never do that again.

    The CWTS is an easy exam, but obeying the mantra "Study to the Objectives not the book" is still best practice.  

    Given your background, I'm sure you'll pass it soundly.

    Hopefully, you'll get the itch and go for your CWNA afterwards - your customers will be glad you did.

  • Does CWNA require re-certification in the future ?

  • Hi Cabletech,

    We generally recommend CWTS for those without a technical background.  Sales people that work for wireless vendors are great candidates for CWTS.  For technical professionals with a firm understanding of networking we suggest starting with CWNA.  For re-certification requirements please visit
    Good luck!

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