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    I just wrote the exam and passed, the way to pass the exam is to read the entire CWNA study guide...chapter 1 - chapter 11, and make sure you can score 100% on each review question without looking at the answers and make sure you know why it is the answer.

    I guarantee if you don't understand a certain topic, that is where you will fail, cause the exam is adaptive, it will hit you in your weakest area and drill you on that area till you get it right before it moves on. I found the exam to hit me on some topics that I didn't pay attention too. The exam targets every sector of the study guide. So make sure you read the book and understand what wireless networking is about. Good Luck!!! Note: everyone is weak in different areas so everyone will always get different questions...the thing is to know and understand everything....

  • Congrats Geronimo

    It was a tuff exam. Good luck on future certs.

  • The CWNA exam is adaptive? I've never seen that mentioned before. Usually adaptive exams will stop once you've answered enough questions correctly to pass. All of the reviews I've seen indicate that the full 90 questions on PW0-100 were asked. If the exam were adaptive then it would stop once you achieved the 70% passing mark.

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    The CWNA Exam is NOT - REPEAT - NOT adaptive.

    Geronimo - why did you think it was adaptive? All questions are delivered randomly within a particular section, so you may have just gotten hammered with Site Survey questions.

    The CWNA Exam is NOT adaptive.

  • I couldn't see how it would be adaptive with the scoring being a percentile. You also wouldn't be able to skip questions and go back and answer them later, or review your answers before ending the exam.

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