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    I plan to set up a lab that will include various access points and bridges. I have heard that if these wireless devices are setup to close together that their radios can burn up. Is this info correct. If so how far apart do they need to be to ensure the radios safety. Are their any personal rf safety issues that need to be addressed in a lab environment as well.


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    I saw this on a web page when looking up cisco's 1310 access points. Check out the bold. Can anyone verify if this is true.

    Good product but lacking in support."
    Chris on 21-Jul-2004 01:14:20 PM
    Pros: I'll let you know if I come across any.
    Cons: Big and clunky. Did not come with documentation. Expensive. [b]Very irritating to set up in a lab enviroment due to burning out the radios if units are placed to close together[/b]. Need to have ethernet port connected for configuration or device will go into sleep mode. There are no options for changing this. Cheap plastic casing that looks like tupperware. Impractical placement of indicator lights. They are located underneath the device.

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