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  • When I went to CWNA training, they mentioned having a battery pack when doing Site Survey's. Can someone help me with how to create or obtain a battery pack.

  • Check here:

    and here:

    Or just do your own Google search.

    I used the Terawave product during my Cisco WLANFE and WLANDE courses...they work very well.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks for the help. Thats what I was looking for.

    Guess I just wasn't using right keywords? Who knows.

  • No worries...I was having an issue with a Goole searh trying to find something as well...and someone here was able to find it.

    Your from Waco, huh? I just moved to GA from Temple. Small world. You doing WLAN for yourself or someone else there?

  • Yea small world. Actually I have some apartments and local businesses wanting to setup wi-fi. So I'm trying to start doing some site survey's and installs. Need all the hands on experience I can get. I hope to keep going up the ladder on the certs.

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