• hello,

    I know there is probably 1000 of posts identical to this one, but I would like to know if I can actually pass the exam. I have the newest version of the Boson test prep and I am getting upper 90's (96 usually)out of 408 questions. I was wondering if this is enough, I have also read the first edition book and watched all of the CBT nuggets for the CWNA exam pack. To me it looks like these questions are too basic for a certification exam.
    Could anyone tell me how hard this test is for someone who has a basic understanding?
    Also if there is anything that appears more than anything else. I would really like to pass this the first time so any help would be really great.


    Kyle Geldmaker

  • By (Deleted User)

    Before you jump into the recently updated PW0-100 exam using just the Boson practice tests, please read this post.

    Exam PW0-100 was totally upgraded on July 11. The exam now has 60 items, not 90 as it did before.

    So, how to prepare? START WITH THE NEW PW0-100 EXAM OBJECTIVES:

    The entire exam is written based on these objectives. If you don't start here, you are tossing your roadmap before you get on the highway.

    Second, please note that Boson's CWNA practice tests are not up to date with the new objectives, have not been reviewed by anyone associated with CWNP, and are not authorized training material. Also, if you are taking the 408-item practice test over and over and scoring high 90s, you are probably just memorizing questions rather than learning material. Big mistake. Don't take that personally. Many, many people make that mistake.

    Third, get the new study guide for this exam. It is in its 3rd edition, and was written based on the new exam objectives.

    So, once you read - STUDY - the exam objectives, then ask yourself again if you are ready to take the exam. Do you know all of the objectives?

  • thanks for your recommendation, I guess I will put off the test until next month or so. I will be ordering the new book and I will go over the new objectives. Once again, thanks.


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