• I have a situation where I will need to remotely manage AP's that will be NATed. I will only have one public IP. I know that this is elementary, but I have never had the need. Any equipment suggestions (inexpensive) would be welcomed. Thank you!

  • I think the solution is VPN.

    I have some customers that I have to remotely manage their Cisco AP1230 and I use VPN to access to their internal networks to manage these. One of them uses Cisco router that supports VPN. For the others, I setup the PPTP VPN on their Linux servers.

    For my home network, I use a Cisco 871 that has DSL interface, wireless and VPN.

    Personally I like Cisco VPN, but their router with VPN supports is more expensive than others. I used to use a Linksys router that supports wireless and VPN but do not have its model here.


  • I just remembered another solution I used to use : port redirector.

    Most of the routers ( if not all ) supports NAT at the same time with port redirector. You can assign a specific port mapped to an inside system. This solution requires each port for each internal system that you want to access from the outside. This solution can pose some security risk if you access to the internal systems via plain-text web.


  • Vu,
    Thanks a lot for the reply. I'll be giving this a try soon so I'll let you know how it goes!

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