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  • Thats fair enough, I understand even though it wouldnt be any implication on themselves.

  • I remember the meeting we had at that fiasco when the accountant told us that he had found these "antennas that would be as good as Andrews' [ one of the best manufacturers around ] at one third the price".

    I objected strongly saying "Why do you think they are so cheap ? They have cut back somehow/somewhere on the manufacturing quality"

    Was shot down in flames. They produced these beautiful brochures from the manufacturer telling how wonderful the specifications were. Told them there was no way those antennas would meet the specs they had printed.

    Suggested that we have a sample unit shipped over and I would conduct live tests over the satellite with a known good antenna and compare the two, prior to ordering the many, many expensive antennas.

    Then someone showed me the shipping [ literally on a ship ] document. They were all on the high seas. Well, time to see what happens in a few months !!

    I was on leave when the calls came in. "None of the antennas are working.....the customers are going ballistic..!!"

    Oh dear.

    Over the phone, it boiled it down to a feed problem. They had to ship the whole lot back.

    The accountant had a fair bit of explaining to do after that one.

    There are reasons why some things cost a third of the price of other manufacturers' equipment.


  • "There are reasons why some things cost a third of the price of other manufacturers' equipment."

    Amen to that Dave!

  • Yeah usually if you see something thats "too good to be true" it usually is. No it always is !!! But the bean counters, sorry I mean purchasing and accounting deparments do not understand engineering and just see price A v Price B and choose the lowest even if you want an apple and you get an orange they will say the specification said fruit so it meets the spec

  • Lol. That's funny dude. 'Its fruit, so it meets the spec'. hahahhah

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