• Hi,

    I am new to WLSE and wireless solution,

    Is there a way to change the SSID guest password from WLSE or from my WDS AP.

    I have 42 aironets and need to chg SSID Guest password manually and weekly. Any suggestions how to do it in one go?


  • Yes. Using the WLSE you can create a template with the new password for the SSID and then create a job that will push it out to the APs.

    My suggestion would be to create the template and push it out to one AP first and test before pushing it out to all of your APs.

    One note about the WLSE templates, they overlay the information contained in the template with the configuration currently on the AP. This means that you can configure only the part of the template that needs to change instead of setting all of the options. In this case, the SSID password. This is convenient, but sometimes can have odd effects. Especially if not all the APs have the exact same config.

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