• I'd be curious what others think about Motorola's new AP 7181.

    It looks like it does 3x3 MIMO between wireless nodes, and I hear it is supposed to integrate with their Hotzone Duo and Moto Mesh products (something I will believe when I see).

  • It can also function as a WIPS radio. The 7181 is the outdoor version of the 7131. There are diferent configurations available.

  • Any info on how it integrates with other legacy Motorola gear?

  • It can function autonomously or can be adopted by a WLAN controller, even the smaller WS2000. It works with all of the Moto gear.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Game changer... interested in testing this in Metro DC.

    What is the costs and when will the officially hit the streets?

    Will Motorola be seeking FIPS -140 with this game changer ?


  • I know wireless / systems engineers who are testing this, but as far as I know, it has not officially been released.

    Has anyone seen this in the wild yet?

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