• Hi Dave,

    If I understand your situation correctly it sounds like you are using the Linksys WUSB600N wireless adapter for both network connectivity and packet analysis via OmniPeek.
    While you are capturing packets using OmniPeek I am reading that you cannot communicate with the network, internet etc. This is exactly how it is designed to work. When capturing packets the OmniPeek driver is put into monitor mode which is why you cannot connect to any network resources. This is why you need to use a special driver from WildPackets for the Linksys adapter. If you try to use OmniPeek with the Linksys driver that came with the adapter you will notice you will not be able to capture wireless frames.
    If you want to capture frames using OmniPeek and access network resources simultaneously you will need two wireless adapters.

    A way you can see this work is to start a continuous ping to a network resource (maybe the IP address of the access point or the DNS server IP address your ISP is providing you) while you are connected to the wireless network. Then start a capture using OmniPeek. You will notice that during the capture you will lose your pings. Once you stop the capture the pings will resume. Another interesting thing to observe is; while you are connected to the wireless network you will notice in the "Network Connections" window the status of your WildPackets Linksys adapter is "Connected". Now start a capture using OnmiPeek and you will notice after about 20 seconds the status of the adapter changes to "Disabled" but you are still capturing frames. Stop the capture and the adapter will go back to the "Connected" status and you will be able to access network resources again. You can do this during your continuous ping and see it all at the same time if you tile your windows.

    I hope this helps,

    Robert Bartz
    Author, CWTS Official Study Guide by Sybex

    Wow what timing, I was logged in trying to figure out how to use the new forum and GT just posted right before mine went. Sorry about the duplicate information. - Robert

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